Monthly Community Update -- March 2024

Hi all,

This is our March community update. You can read last month’s update here. Sorry this is a couple days late, I was out sick last Friday!

Anyway, there are a number of updates, so let’s dive in. First off, we launched Bubble’s new Community Hub. This is something I am personally really excited by: BubbleCon last year was amazing, and this is a way of keeping that energy going all year round. The hub is designed to be a home base to help you connect with other users and find events online and in-person. I can’t wait for you all to check it out. Make sure to bookmark it, since we’ll be updating it often.

Also, we were honored to be named a top development product in G2’s 2024 Best Software Awards! This award is based on authentic reviews from real users, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support: as usual, Bubble’s success and progress is fueled by the intensely passionate community we have.

Changes we made this month

We just launched the brand-new Hire a Developer portal, previously known as the RFP portal. We heard feedback from users that the volume of bids was overwhelming, and from devs that match quality was poor. The new portal now includes more and better details, as well as a new matching system. This allows users to send requests to 3–5 of their best-fit agencies based on criteria like services offered, team size, budget, and more. If you’re thinking about hiring an agency to help build your app, check out this new blog post on writing a great RFP.

The template marketplace also got a refresh. We rolled out new categories for templates, including AI, SaaS, Chat, Real Estate, Booking, Finance, and Mobile. We added more sorting and clearer filters: most installed, highest rated, price, newest, and oldest. (If you’re a creator, you can update your templates to new categories anytime from your home page.)

Last week, we wrapped up a two-day sprint in which our engineering team released more than two dozen small but meaningful “quality of life” improvements to the editor! These were based on feedback from some of our most avid Bubble devs and include unlimited style variables, more customization for magic links, and speed enhancements to the property editor. While we did the building over two days, there was a lot of advanced preparation that went into identifying the changes to be made and scouting out all the design and technical challenges we’d need to solve, so kudos to the team on the hard work! We consider the push a big success, and hope to do more of these in the future.

Another change along those lines: Privacy rules can now appear as results for app searches on data sources, data fields, and options.

We also shipped a new app plan comparison page that does a better job highlighting the key differences between our paid plans, so you can find the right subscription for your apps. Find it in the Settings tab!

Finally, you can now type “” into your browser’s address bar as a shortcut to create a new app! This is especially useful for our agencies and avid Bubble devs who regularly launch new projects.

What we’re working on

  • Mobile: The engineering team has wrapped up the technical foundations needed to render mobile apps, and the mobile editor experience is well under way. We’re looking to have all the basic mobile elements in place by the end of March! Don’t forget to sign up for the waitlist if you haven’t yet.

  • Plugin discoverability: Now that we’ve taken a pass on templates, we’re now working on the plugins marketplace. We have plans to create better listing and sorting to make it easier to find the right plugin for your app. This update will focus mainly on Plugins | Bubble, but we do intend to also make the plugins tab a better experience as well (after we make our way through the workflow and other tabs).

  • Refreshing the elements tree: This feature is now in private beta, and we’re excited to make it generally available soon.

  • AI: We’re wrapping up usability testing, and we’re now in the process of internal QA. The team is ahead of schedule, so the private alpha will likely start this month!

  • Version control changelog: Engineering work has begun on exposing a changelog in the editor. We heard from you that it’s critical to have visibility into the who-what-when of changes made in your app’s branches, so this feature is a priority for us.

  • Updating the Stripe plugin: Keep your eyes peeled for an updated Stripe plugin that will make authenticating with Stripe easier and faster. No more copy-and-pasting API keys back and forth.

Further down the roadmap

  • Template pricing caps: We heard your feedback on template pricing caps. We’re currently considering new ways to improve the overall quality of templates in our marketplace.

  • Long-term updates: Stay tuned for updates to workflow tab redesign and an expanded component library. We’re in the designing and planning stages with this work, and will pick it up in earnest as engineering teams roll off other projects.

Important reminders

  • Agencies and freelancers: Make sure to fill out your agency profile if you haven’t done so yet (we’ll be requiring it soon)! This will help you get the best matches through our new RFP portal. If you’re a developer who is building for others and wants the power of unlimited production-grade development apps, now’s the best time to sign up for an Agency plan.

  • Final friendly reminder to update your third-party plugins 19 by March 12, 2024 (we’ve sent out email reminders to those affected). After that date, we’re going to start phasing out deprecated plugins to help minimize the impact on user apps as they lose functionality. If you don’t update, your app’s functionality may change or break.

  • Certified Devs: You can now add a badge to your profile on the forum! Check out your profile and show off your certified status ‌by marking it as your favorite badge

In case you missed it

Team news

We didn’t have any new hires join the team in February, but we’ve already got quite a few people slotted to start in March. Check out our open roles!

That’s all for this month. Have a great March!

— Josh and Emmanuel


I really like the updates. Thanks for sharing

Hope you feel better again.

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Really excited for the Mobile updates. Best update of 2024

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Very excited about the mobile updates. Just curious, will those be possible on existing applications? Or only on new ones? We have a few clients that started with web apps and we’d love to be able to have a mobile version without needing to rebuild. Thanks for such a big push this month!



Thanks for the update. There is no mention on the new expression editor. Was development on that axed? It’s in a state of nearly unusable at the moment, the bugs are so frustrating. There was talk not too long ago of allowing copying and pasting of pieces of expressions, is that off the roadmap?


Mobile couldn’t come soon enough! Looking forward :raised_hands:

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Amazing update. Particularly excited about the visibility and change log among so many other things.

Any news on the performance enhancements?

I’m not sure if it’s just me but things have been feeling slower than usual lately…



@josh What do you mean by:

I am hopping that I can finally determine the fields I would like to be returned for a data source, instead of having everything returned.


Awesome… I’m really excited about mobile!

Hi @josh,
Thanks for update, realy great. I also have this doubt presented by @jasonh -
I even tried to look for any changes in some element datasource parameters, but I didn’t find it.

Could you please clarify and guide us about where to find and how to apply this change?

Regards. :+1:

Hi Maggie, yes, you will be able to add a native mobile app to an existing web project. More details to come!


Hope we will have Payoneer or Paypal on tempaltes marketplace , because Stripe is not available in all countries.

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Not just you, especially in the editor, things seem to be taking A LOT longer…the other day I counted 15 seconds between pressing design tab button to getting the design tab opened, although I have not consistently experienced that in the editor. Also, when working on a client app, I saw the loading of 6 data entries took about 5-6 seconds, which has been consistent in that app.

@josh any news on WU optimization features, especially the ability to specify which fields to return? This will be a game changer! Firstly, it will reduce the cost for returning data as we would be able to specify not to return built in fields or other custom fields that are irrelevant to the particular search/results display feature. Secondly, it would likely reduce the time to receive the data since, less data would be passed from server to client. Thirdly, it would dramatically reduce the overconsumption of WUs as we would no longer need to use secondary data types (meaning we no longer need another data type slimmed down only with the fields used for the search), as this elimination of the secondary data type would lead to the elimination of actions (consumption of WUs) for updating two data types anytime changes would be made or creating or deleting etc.

I think too, that it would lead to some newbies being able to better build their first apps, especially from a performance perspective as the reduced data transmission may mean some performance improvement in terms of load/display time.

Really hoping to see this come to fruition, or potentially allowing us to do this via API calls to our app, as it was for me personally the very first feature I thought needed to be added to the system when I first read about the WU pricing structure. :pray: :innocent:


Yeah, those are great!

Unfortunately, however, there seems to have been a regression in tab switching performance. There’s now a noticeable lag again when navigating to or from the Design tab - most noticeable for pages with lots of elements.

You announced in the Nov ‘23 update that tab switching, specifically, had been improved (and it was indeed a dramatic improvement); but now it’s “laggy” again. :neutral_face:


This new functionality supports searching in the App Search tool. For example, if you have a privacy rule that references the User datasource, you can see that rule when you search by “Uses datasource” and datasource is “Current user”. See screenshot for these results.


Cool! But it doesn’t let you choose a template!

Hi @kate.mcnally
I really appreciated your kind feedback. Thanks
So, basically, it’s a panel with search filters, to make things easier.

How do I activate it?
In “Privacy” tab, I have the screen itens as usual. Just the standard search field.

( … my app is on the latest Bubble version)

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Thank you @davidb