Professional Bubble Dev Course

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know that @jj11, @Jon_Melo, and myself are teaming up to offer this course for people who are looking to become professional Bubble developers! You can sign up here: Bubble Professionals Camp | NoCode Alliance

You’ll get 3 instructors, each teaching our specialties, over a 6-week span:

-Fundamentals of CSS/HTML/Javascript
-Building Plugins
-Setting up Stripe
-Wrapping your apps for Mobile
-and more!

Over 15+ hours of live instruction (recordings available for each session for playback).

Plus, access to a slack group of 200+ professional Bubblers, and a private channel so you can collaborate with your cohort and teachers.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we’ll have a showcase day where you’ll present the Bubble app that you built during the program, and all of the teachers will select 3 winners (special prizes).

Admission to this camp also includes a complimentary test to NoCode Alliances Professional Bubble Certification test (coming soon).

There are only 10 slots are available and camp starts NEXT week :spiral_calendar:


I am very interested in enrolling in this course. I am also going to convince my friend to enroll in this too.

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Amazing! Looking forward to seeing you there.

This looks awesome! Curious on the cost?

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It’s at the bottom of the page. $600 for recordings $1200 to attend live.


Hi @jacobgershkovich :wave:
Any plans to re-open this professional bootcamp…

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No plans at the moment, but I’ll post here if that changes.

@jacobgershkovich ok thanks :+1: