Introducing a new Getting Started With Bubble Series with Gregory John

Hello Bubblers!

For those of you I haven’t met yet, I’m Carly, and I lead Product Marketing, Content, and Education here at Bubble. I’m so excited to announce that the first set of videos to come out of our partnership with Gregory John is now live on YouTube!

You can read more about the partnership from Gregory on the blog, but here’s a summary:

Starting today, Greg and our team will post an installment of our new “Getting Started With Bubble” series every Monday for the next eight weeks on Bubble’s YouTube channel. This comprehensive series is designed to propel your Bubble skills from novice to strong intermediate level, regardless of your prior experience with programming or app development.

  • Why this matters: We’re breaking down barriers to app development, and making it accessible and exciting for everyone. This series is your guide to transforming ideas into functional apps.
  • What to expect: Through this series, you’ll go from concept to creating a jobs board app, and learn to design, navigate, and use Bubble effectively. It’s not just about watching — it’s about doing and achieving.
  • The collab: Greg is the best in the business in terms of teaching new builders how to create on Bubble. Our shared goal with Greg is to empower you to turn your vision into reality. This new series simplifies the journey.

This is just the beginning! Subscribe to Bubble’s YouTube channel and turn on notifications to get an update every time a new video drops.

I can’t wait to see what you build!



Alright! :sunglasses:

Lessss goooooo! :rocket:

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This is incredible. Congratulations to Gregory.

I highly recommend adding Matt Neary to the list of tutors who add a ton of value to programming with Bubble.

In my experience, watching content from Gregory and Matt, Matt is more focused on programming the logical part and developing a programmer mentality, and Gregory is more focused on UX/UI Design, design patterns. , design methodologies, planning.

In any case, both are very good in all aspects of development.



Thanks for the overview @carly :grinning:

To expand on the OP, it’s my mission this year to work with Bubble to create more successful Bubble developers, starting from day 0 and leading them to become capable developers with the confidence to launch their apps. I’m super blessed to be able to give back to the company (and community) who helped me build my first app and change my career and with this course, Bubble has enabled me to try a slightly different approach to the current education offering at Academy.

The new Getting Start with Bubble series has been designed with the beginner in mind but will be covering intermediate topics as the course progresses. I’ve designed this course to take developers through an entire app build, starting from a blank canvas until a deployable app. The end to end, build-a-long experience will hopefully give students a great framework for future builds.

With 74+ lessons, dripped over an 8 week period, I’ve made sure to create an even spread of concepts covering design, logic, database design, performance, security and technical SEO.

I’ll be in the comments section on YouTube helping students progress through their build and I’m providing access to my Bubble editor to reference when you get stuck. If you’re looking to get started with Bubble, then you can start right now!

A bit of a footnote now -------

Thank you for mentioning the design part @javier.arce as this course covers UI/ UX design in detail with a systemic approach (which is both faster and creates better outcomes). It’s less about ‘making things pretty’ and more about usability and consistent user experiences in line with industry standards. I believe that unless you are taught this, you may not be realising the full potential of your startup business, especially in the B2C space and especially in the formative periods.

I’ve spent the last year both studying and building design systems for clients and have discovered staggering data on how better UX and usability significantly increases revenue. Part of that reason is also technical SEO. If you care about traffic from Google, you need to factor in technical SEO and understand what Google cares about. And some of the things they also care about is color & contrast (accessibility), design structure, layout & responsive shift (best practises) as well as how to structure and implement your tags (SEO) etc. Below is a recent snapshot of my Bubble marketing page (desktop), which is media heavy. The accessibility, best practises and SEO parts feature in this course. Performance is another matter, and something that Bubble are working on improving.


Thanks for the specificity, Gregory.

My intention was to mention the two people who have added the most value to me in my short journey with Bubble, so far.

I have taken your courses (such as FlexCamp) and Matt’s courses (such as Think It Build It), and the pedagogical management that they both have, complemented by the expertise in Bubble, I think makes them stand out from the rest.

I understand that design does not only imply that things “look pretty”, so of course I am going to take great advantage of all this content that you are creating with Bubble.

Have a nice day!

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No I’m glad you mentioned it, as I feel it’s overlooked but having been in this space for around 8 years now, I wish I had better UI/ UX training in my formative years. My startups would have had a better chance at success.

It’s part of my mission to shine a light on this topic from day 1.