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I am trying to make the progress bar indicate a player’s progress based on their level. My app is designed to increase a players level after they accumulate a certain number of XP. For instance after accumulating 100XP a player is upgraded to Level 2 and after 230 points to level 3. I would like the progress bar to reset after level 2 is attained and then count till up till level 3 is attained and then reset for level 4 and so on.
Kindly see screenshot below of how the dashboard is. Some suggestions on ho to go about this will be very much appreciated. thanks

Hi there, @cojoeakwetey… I’m not sure where the suggestion I am about to make falls on a scale of best suggestion ever to why would anyone in their right mind do something so stupid, but it does appear to work… so, what the heck, I will throw it out there.

It starts with an option set, and I think the key pieces are the max xp for each level and the number of xp needed to get to the next level (which are attributes of the option set). So, my option set is configured like this…

If we look at Level 2, for example, it looks like this…

With that option set in place (and a field on the User data type that I called xp), you would have the following expression as the default for the progress bar, and this expression would take care of Level 1.


Then, you would add conditionals for each additional level like this…

Like I said, I’m not sure if this suggestion is the best way to go (especially if you have a lot of levels), but again, it works, and I hope it helps, even if it’s just food for thought.



Hi @cojoeakwetey,

You can start creating an option set for the levels. For example, I’d call mine OS Levels

Then, on your User Data type, I’m assuming you have a field for Level already. You’d want to set it to have a field type of the Option set.

Then on the player_profile page, you’d have a workflow that is triggered when a condition is met… in our case would be Current User’s XRP > a particular number

Then the action would be to Make a change to the Current User’s Level

And then you just replicate for the rest.
This may not be the most advanced/mature way of handling this, but it works.

Let me know if you go with this eventually.


Great minds thinking alike on the naming of our option sets, @ayfolut. :slight_smile:

I must be missing something with your suggestion, though. It doesn’t mention anything about the progress bar that is the whole point of the initial post. What am I missing there?

Hey Mike,
Yes, my post is missing it.

I totally missed the progress bar and got engrossed with settling the level first. Your post does a great job at it, and I even learnt from it.



Hello Mike!!!

thank you so much!! You just helped me complete the final feature of my app. I really this. Works perfectly. This way I get to adjust the needed points easily without having to change a ton of things.


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Yup, that is definitely one of the benefits of going the way I suggested… happy to hear that it helped!

Thanks for the input Ayfolut!!, i used this In order to change user levels after the XP needed is reached.

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