Need Developer/Coach for Cool New Project

I’ve got a really cool development project and I think bubble is just the tool I need. I’m a web developer and erstwhile application developer myself, so I’m familiar with development, but I’m brand new to bubble. I’m looking for someone who can get my application up and running, and teach me how we did it in the process.

At some point, I might want to take over, but if things work out, then I might want to have you just keep expanding on the functionality. (This could be huge!)

I have functional specs, design specs and a prototype online. So I’d like to think that we are just days away from having a very cool working app, once I find the right developer.

Are you the person I’m looking for?

Hello @mentor

SparkDev is a team of experienced developers who can build you app.

For additional information, please write me in PM

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Hey there! :wave:

I can tutor you with Bubble to get you up to speed if you would like. Most of my clients are able to launch their projects within a very short amount of time. It really depends on how much time they will invest.

How tutoring works:

Book an appointment online at

Send me a list of your questions ahead of time so I can be prepared with any resources or examples to show you.

During the session we will connect via Zoom. You can show me what you have so far and then ask me the questions. I will follow your lead. I also will use the annotation tool while I explain things to you so you will learn how to use Bubble.

If this seems like something you would be interested in, then I hope to ‘see’ you soon! :blush:

Yeah, that sounds like what I’m looking for. What do you charge per hour? Depending on the rate, I’d be interesting in booking a block of hours with you. Like maybe 4 to start, and then see how much more time is required.

What are good times for you. I’m Pacific time, but looking to do this in the evenings. So this time of day works for me.

How do you like to handle billing?

What’s you’re preferred mode of communication outside of live sessions?

Hi @mentor

We run a No Code MVP incubator programme, which sounds absolutely perfect for your needs. You’ll be guided through the MVP process using Bubble (we will build it for you, but show you how we did it), but you’ll also get put in front of potential investors on demo days, a full 16 week virtual business programme and in each cohort, we pick one company to invest $12k into.

I’d love to tell you more - please email me:

Thanks very much,


Hey there!

The rates are on my site at the bottom.

My sessions currently are either 1-hour or 2-hour but some of my clients like to book back to back sessions with a small break in between.

My live schedule is online when you book the appointment. I am Pacific time too but my hours are 9am-4pm so not quite the evenings. Not sure if you can still make it work or not during those times.

Billing is taken when you book the session and is handled all automatically so I don’t have to arrange 15 different payment methods. :blush:

Emails to me at are usually the fastest way to get in touch with me.

I also have an eLearning Hub where I answer questions outside of sessions and even do video tutorials and actual sample editor/previews that I share. The eLearning Hub is a cheap alternative to those who can’t afford the live sessions. My live sessions are normally geared toward professionals who have income coming in already. The eLearning Hub Members always have priority for me to answer their questions during my working hours.

Hope that helps a bit. :blush: