Pros and cons of using app connector for an internal (admin) main app and external (client) sub app

Hello there, first time poster, appreciate the community here!

More of a general question looking for anecdotes or feedback for those who have tried it. I am looking into potentially building a multi-app platform using the app connector and whereby the main app serves the following functions:

  • User administration and permissioning (user gets flags/entitlements to such and such pages or functions)
  • Sub app administration (turn certain feature off for sub app 1 but on for sub app 2)

and the sub apps will have the following function:

  • Client interface (let’s say a marketplace app) for search, buying, listing items
  • built in functions that can be exposed or not depending on permissioning in Main app (let’s say i want to turn the search function off hypothetically)
  • Simple Theming controlled by main app (main app says sub app 1’s theme should be light and sub app 2’s should be dark for example)

Anybody built or seen apps set up in this manner? My theory here is this could help scale over time if for instance one sub app becomes more heavily used than another, i could focus upgrading only sub app 1 with boosts or whatever. Basically a bit of a hub and spoke model with the internal main app serving as the hub and i can spin up however many related sub apps as needed off of it.

Appreciate the feedback!

@andrew21 welcome to the community

Interesting approach!

Have not done a multi-app project yet but wanted to chime in.

First of all, two Bubble plugins could be useful for this. The api connector and the bubble app connector.

And there is always the native Bubble sub-apps functionality that could be useful as well

I am sure that you have already considered all the implications of sustaining a constellation of apps … managing everything for each one (dB model and data, logic including backend, and UI) … plus all the communication including fail safes when there are problems which is never the case right? :grimacing:

I guess given how much less time app development is required with Bubble when compared to traditional work … I would first attempt to do as much as I can within one app.

Learn from it and be prepared to implement a possible constellation if needed.

My two cents :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the response! Yes i’m aware of bubble’s official api and app connector plugins definitely plan to use those in various respects. and also agree, this approach is not without it’s risks and will probably build an mvp/proof of work first as a standalone. Trying to balance that vs. an eventual end state if that’s where i know i want to take it, it could effect the scope and nature of that initial mvp. Thanks!

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