Admin App - App Connector - How To

Hello everyone,

I have been building and launched an app selling personalized products 2 months ago, all with Bubble, which is awesome. I have structural questions for the future of my app(s) where I would need some expertise on how to best approach it.

My problem : I am building an admin app for internal use which is becoming more complex than the client-facing app.

My objective: Build an admin app (or multiple) that is independent from the main one, so that I can push updates anytime and have different people editing the different apps simultaneously without any risk.

So far I tried to build a second app with the app connector but I found it very limiting (e.g., the limit to search for 100 items, the speed of loading, etc.).

My question: What is the best way to go about it?

Some options I thought of:

  • Keep all the admin in the main app and set rigid processes internally about who edit what and when, and when we deploy to live. And wait for bubble branching feature.
  • Move only part of my admin app to another app(s) - when the limits are less constraining.
  • Move part of my admin app and part of my database (e.g., inventory) to another app(s).
  • Explore other tools that i am not aware of that could help
  • Move away from Bubble for the database at least.

I would love to hear from people who have built such complex apps and how they achieved it ?

Any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance !


I experienced a similar issue in the past but my below response should help. Also, I was wondering why you need to search for 100 items? Were you using the App Connector to show data from one app to another or were you using it to update the database of your main app from your admin app?

Thank you @jamesbond for your answer.

Indeed this process works well for creating new things (and updating I guess) !

Regarding the display of more than 100 items, I want for instance to show/count the number of pending orders in my App1 and display them in App2. I do have more than 100 pending items usually, so I am blocked with limited information.

Any thought about that ?

Thanks a lot !

From what I am aware, 100 items is the limit. Why don’t you just create a new “thing” in app 2?

Because I don’t want to duplicate data.
It would become difficult to maintain consistent data between the 2 apps over time …

Well if you have an admin app that interlinks everything correctly, then you wouldn’t need to worry about managing data in two apps. If you want to create, modify or delete a ‘thing’, you’ll do it via the admin app. For any data you think doesn’t need to be duplicated, make a note of that specific datatype in the note section of the app and handle it from there. I currently do this and it works just fine tbh.