Protecting pages after logging in

I just created a new login page, which leads to a dashboard page. No problem, works as expected.
BUT how do I restrict access to these pages when people are not logged in? I noticed that if I navigate directly to my new Dashboard page, it is free for all to see.

I have searched the manual, but can’t figure out such a simple thing.
My Application Rights are set to Private app. There has to be a way to set this at the page level.

Thanks in advance

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Very important to group all elements under one group and set to not visible by default on page load.

Then you do as above.
If go to index if user isn’t logged in.
Then you do show that hidden group.

If you didn’t do that anyone can stop the browser loading and access your page before go to index take place


Thank you both. I will check it out. :grinning:

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