[Public Beta] Database change triggers

I just bought personal plan yesterday, where can I find this feature ?
Cannot search in the workflow action

First you go to Settings > API > “Enable Workflow API and backend workflows”. Then in the page selector dropdown in the upper left, you’ll see the “Backend workflows” page, which includes new kinds of workflows including database change triggers.

(In the future, you can get a relatively quick response to these kinds of questions by emailing support@bubble.io)

hi team! what’s the official recommended way to implement one of these with ‘any change’ - as in, trigger the event no matter what type of data changed on the subject?

@allenyang, are you planning to enable this in the future? It makes all the sense to be able to chain DB triggers.

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@allenyang and @josh is this feature out of Beta yet?

This feature is amazing. It works 6x to 10x faster than any other operation. So it’s a huge improvement for user experience.

Yes, it has been for a while! Closing this thread :slight_smile:

@miguel - Feature request noted, but this isn’t in our short-term plans.

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