Trigger workflows are not working

I have backend workflows that trigger when a field in the database changes. These have worked every day for years now, but for the last hour or so they are not triggering.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Yup, I am

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same here!!! Database Triggers are not working.

Thanks for posting @sam24

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For whatever reason, only one of my database triggers seems to be working. I have many that are not working.

And did anyone send in a bug report?

I’ve got a request into Support.

Haven’t heard anything back yet.

The last triggers I’ve seen were at 2:28pm ET today. There’s been one successful event at 2:56 on a relatively unused trigger, but my main triggers have all not fired since there.


Same here. I created a bug report.

My time frame is the same. I thought the issue started around 3pm ET today. The issue is in both live mode and development versions.

I’ll be watching this close. Trigger events are critical to my app.

Hi all!

Thank you so much for flagging this issue to our support team! Our engineering team is currently investigating this issue and working to implement a fix as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and will update you all as soon as a fix is pushed live.



Clearly can’t trust triggers…

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Triggers is a function Bubble tells us is perfect for app wide use. I wonder how many apps are rendered useless when such a vital function just stops working. My app relies heavily on database triggers. Something breaking in Bubble is now a weekly occurrence, but when its something as critical as a trigger function, it’s very scary and erodes trust, like you correctly said.

@josh @jonathan.heaberlin could you confirm if your systems pickup issues with critical functions as they occur or do you rely on bug reports by users?

I am seeing the same issue. One of my triggers works and many of them do not but they have been untouched for a long time now and working fine until a few hours ago it seems.

Yes, same with me, the Bubble support team said they’re working on a fix

I contacted the support team, they said they’re working on a fix

No worries!

This is really bad we have over 40 backend Triggers in our App and hundreds of employees currently using it. Any idea how long until this fixed? I’ve noticed a couple of our backend API workflows are no longer working as well.

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Yeah see I wouldn’t even know where to begin fixing the database issues that are going to arise… F…

Good luck guys. @josh you are on deck… Again…

Hi all,

Thank you again for your patience! We have pushed a fix live and Database triggers should be operating normally again. As always, feel free to reach out to our Support team with any questions or if you run into any other issues.


That’s all great. But how do people fix their databases which are now out of sync due to failed triggers?

Let’s see a good explanation!

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Similar post-outage database issue happened when the API workflows just stopped working months ago, I had to manually figure out some stuff on the client side as a patch-job, then all the queued backend workflows finally started running again and overwrote what I had.

Wish there was a UI on the editor side when there are outages where we pick “Run what was queued” or “Forget what was queued”

But I’m sure in this case there wasn’t even a queue because the triggers just never happened…