Publicly Exposed Workflow API - Accept List / Array?

Dear Friends,

I have a backend API workflow to accept requests from another API. One of my parameter keys (priorvc) is to accept a text list / array (i.e. AT, BBB, ANO). When I make a test call from Postman, i’m receiving an error: “Invalid data for key priorvc: AT cannot be parsed as a JSON”.

I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong in Postman. Here is my postman call with error message:

Bubble backend API workflow setup:

Thank you

You need to send a json and not form-data. Actually you are not sending an array but only a value
A body like:

Don’t forget to have header for content type application/json


Hi Jici,

Ah, perfect, that worked! I wrote everything up as a raw JSON in Postman.

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