Pulling up option set based on a condition

I am building an app with two option sets “trades” and “sub-trades”.

I want to create two drop downs , one drop down that picks the trade and another drop down that picks the subtrade.

I want to be able to pick a trade and depending on the trade that is picked the sub trades that are associated with the trade appear in the second drop down.

Right now I can see that if I pick a trade the sub -trades are sent to the 2nd drop down but I cannot view them. What am I doing wrong?


Hi there, @leanne.brunache . I replied to the same question recently, so see if this post helps.


I think I’m going to need more help than the last guy.

  1. Do I add an attribute to every option set I’m trying to pull up?
  2. How do I create an attribute that links all of the subcategories to an option. I see how to make an attribute but I don’t understand how to create a link.
  3. where do you go to write the constraint?

Sorry I think I’m a little newer to bubble that the last guy :sweat:

Oh, wait… strike my previous reply because I just realized you are planning to have a separate sub trade option set for each trade, right? In that case, what you are showing should work, and I believe you just need to add the Option caption to each condition, and select Current option's Display.

that’s good to hear. But I can’t get bubble to give me the option to add an option caption to each option set. Did I do something wrong?

You don’t add an option caption to the option set, you need to the conditions you are showing in your 6th screenshot.

this is what the appearence part looks like

this is what the conditional part looks like

these are the options its giving me

Hmm, I just played around with it a bit, and I think the option caption only shows up if you have something selected for the type of choices on the Appearance tab. Play around with it a bit, and you should be able to get that option to appear in the dropdown.

This was the solution! Instead of doing multiple option sets I need to condense everything to one option set and link it to the parent option through an attribute

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