Relation Dropdown

I want to set relation drop down like: if I select “A” in 1st drop down then limited list will show in 2nd dropdown or change list of 2nd dropdown item according to 1st dropdown item

Hey, Welcome to bubble forum. You need to add conditions on the second dropdown. Keep a condition in the second dropdown to load different dropdown options if the value of dropdown 1 is “A”.

Okay I will try

Hi there, @aarti… the article in this post is old, but the concept of how to constrain a dropdown by another dropdown’s selection is still relevant.

If you are using option sets to define your dropdown options, you would add an attribute to the second option set that links each option to an option in the first option set (or you could add an attribute to the first option set that holds a list of options from the second option set that are associated with each option in the first option set). Then, in the second dropdown, you would get all of the options and filter them to those that are associated with the option selected in the first dropdown.

Hope this helps.


Sorry @mikeloc but I am new in and I don’t get what you want to say, If possible could you send/post images of doing same.
Thank you.

Here is an example with two option sets. The first option set looks like this.

The second option set has an attribute that links to the first option set, and you would click the Modify attributes link for each option to associate it with an option in the first option set.

With those option sets in place, here is the setup for the first dropdown.

Here is the setup for the second dropdown.

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Thank you @mikeloc Its working, Thanks for your help

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