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Pup up and "create or update"

any recommend (You tube) tutorials for Pop up? I’d like to learn a function that
user can click [Edit] on a repeatReoup row item or click [Create]
to open the (same) Pup up which can provide both Add-new and update-existing record.

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  1. Make the popup data content the (type of thing) the repeating group is
  2. On workflow from the edit button, show the popup and step 2 to display data in the popup (the repeating group’s item)
  3. For create button, show the popup, create the thing, and display data in the popup with the newly created thing

Hope that helps. You may be interested in some tutorials at

Learn no code - >

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thanks, I’ve found what I need at Processing data in popups | tutorial - YouTube

For a hands-on example, you might also find this free template helpful. As the description states, it uses a single pop-up for all four CRUD operations.

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