Repeating groups and popups

I have a repeating group as shown in the photo and I have an info icon. I want to be able to click that Icon and see the data that it’s next to and add change the data and assign units and what not else.
The thing I need help with is referencing the data in the row of the icon clicked and having it in the popup.
If someone could tell me how or give me a link to a youtube video explaining what I want to do.

Hi Dan,
welcome to Bubble.

You can click the info icon in the repeating group, then edit its workflow.
1st workflow to add is element actions display data, with the popup as the element, and select current cells job as the data to display. (I use item not job in screens below)
Then 2nd workflow action: Show popup.
Note the popup as its data type must have item.

Below screen shows what workflow you could use for an edit button in the popup.

hope this helps,
regards, Julius
Pm me if you have any questions.

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Thanks for replying, i have followed your steps and have achieved exactly what i wanted to do.
Many thanks,

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Perhaps you can help me as well. I am having a similar, but slightly different issue.

I’d like the user to be able to click the pencil icon to edit an existing entry, then have a popup appear that has that entry’s information, then the user can make changes as they see fit, click the “Update” button in the popup, and have their changes reflected in the table. I am able to achieve everything but seeing the Team Member’s data displayed in the edit popup.

hi, it seems correct
if you click your popup make sure it is type team member

then the inputs as their initial content and or default value should have parent groups team members email address or parent groups inputs title value,
this way actually the old values the user has already added before, are shown.

for input phone number make sure it is the same datatype than the field you are saving it to.

hope that helps!

Thanks! Somehow, I must still be doing something wrong b/c I’ve been tinkering with all of the settings for over an hour, and still, nothing is showing up.

For the input phone number, it’s super annoying that I selected “text only - number” and I keep getting those warnings. Different countries have different phone number formats, so I cannot select US phone number.

I’ve confirmed the “type of content” for the popup is “team members” and I changed the inputs of the “edit” popup to the initial content in each respective dynamic field, but that hasn’t worked for me :frowning: .

try changing the placeholder and initial content not to input email address value but parent groups email address values.

These are data that are already stored with the team member right?


OMG!! You’re a genius! That is exactly what was needed! Now it’s functioning properly. THANK YOU!!

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