Purge & Upload 21K record database

What is the best way to purge and re-upload a 21k record csv file that contains nine columns. With my personal Bubble account, it typically takes 2-3 hours (or longer) to purge the database of all records and about that long to re-upload. Is there a faster way to upload a csv file this large?

Now that I have the app built, I just need to upload a fresh and updated version of the csv file–replacing all records that have become outdated.

Thanks for any light you can shed on my question.

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Just before I uploaded the 21k record csv table to my Bubble app, I upgraded my account to “Professional” (@$69/month) so that I would “have additional capacity” and then started the upload. Three and one-half HOURS later, the upload FINALLY completed–a csv file of 21k records containing nine columns of data, less than 2 MBs in size. Three and one-half hours!

Is this the kind of performance that we can expect from Bubble at the Professional level? or did I do something wrong? Just wondering.


I can’t understand neither why it’s so slow.

Also, there is no way to just update things already existing in the ddb and avoid duplicates based on a unique identifier