Large database - slow csv upload

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to bubble and I’m not a coder.
I’m building up an app to put ads of books, so I need to upload some 4-5 millions of rows to the Bubble app database. The CSV uploader is veeery slow, around 100 rows per minute I think, so it will take several days… I read in the forum that one solution is to split the file and to upload it simultaneously from different browser tabs, but even this will take too much time to me…

Should I consider using a Database with an SQL Connector?
I don’t really know how to set it up and how my app will change.
What will I need to do that?

Thanks for your attention,


yes would like to know the solution as well. @carlo.f any solution so far?

Yep, I ended up connecting an external SQL Database! Works quite well

okay great to know that’s one of the solution