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Putting use info into the API connector

I’m trying to figure out a way that I can use user information for this:

Ideally I’d like the user to be able to use their own information that they submit into their profile, so that when they click to utilize a function, it calls the API with their own API key.

Any help would be amazing!

Put it in the Header (not the shared header) and untick Private.

You can then “fill it in” with the user key when you call it.

I’m still confused by this, what would I put in for the “value”?

Bearer somethinginhere

Then replace somethinginghere with whatever the user’s key is.

You will still need Bearer in front.

I understand that, but it needs to be a variable because it will need to work for any/all users that want to use that function.

It can’t be static, it defeats the purpose of letting users use their own API keys.

The ideal situation would be that users put their own API keys into their profile, which is then stored in our database, and then we can call that when they execute a function that requires an API key.

Untick Private.

When you call the API you will get this…


Replace it with this… (or wherever the API key is).


p.s. you don’t need to put anything at all after Bearer in the setup - this is just to show you.

Ahhhhhhh!! Ok, going to work on this.

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I’m still trying to figure that out.

So I go to the workflow, when the button to execute the call is clicked, I go to the specific API call, but the only option it’s giving me is the prompt itself.


Which is this:

How do I get it to place it into the header of the API Call and not into the body?

Ohhhh nevermind! I think I figured it out!