Puzzle of the Day! (to be solved)

Hey Bubblers!

So… if anyone can make this work I’d be in their dept!
Bit of fun really but evidently it’s functionality I’d love to get working too.

So it looks like this:


And all you need to do is drag a number onto another number, and then those 2 numbers swap places… simple :slight_smile:



No prizes I’m afraid!, except my gratitude and another bit of useful functionality on the forums for people to use. I couldn’t figure it out hence this post!

I think it’s a bit too taxing on my brain today.

Im super new here but I played round with it for a bit. I feel like assigning each image a position number and then updating that number based on where its dropped would work - but that might be incredibly complex…thought maybe it might spark an idea. Good luck and let us know how you solve it!

Well I thought something like that too, I was thinking if that position number might be the current cell’s index but I’m not sure now. Trying with a number of custom states at the moment and then to join them back up again with a few plus:items but not figured it out yet. If I can make it work then I shall let you know.

updated it, managed to get current workflow file and current cell’s file the 2 entries that need swapping

Here is a full tutorial to do exactly what you need:

Unfortunately, that I believe is with entries in a database, this has none but thank you!