Python Backend with Bubble frontend

Hi All,

I have written a simple backend program in Python and I want to use Bubble to create the front end. My programs use few API calls.

What is the best way to implement this? Are there any examples and tutorials?

Don’t use Bubble for the front-end. Head over to Webflow or Wordpress and pick a template to get you started. Bubble’s purpose is mainly for the back-end functionality.


Second that. Bubble is the best current option for no/low code backend but it is way down the list when it comes to frontend. It’s not all bad… but there are many better ones. Webflow is my current top pick as well.


Third that! Webflow is way better when it comes to front end. Take your python scripts and pack it into an API (many libraries out there) and then use the fetch Javascript functions to call that api to get the data, etc in!

Bubble is great for database work if you do not have database connected to your python scripts but even then I suggest using the bubble data api to utilize there database with the python back end with the webflow front end. I have used it multiple times and works great. Or just use a MongoDB database! Up to you!

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That a lot for the suggestions they were helpful.

I will share some of learning here again for the benefit of the community.