QoL: Move size/position to the top in the property editor

Small QoL improvement. It’s quite tedious to constantly have to scroll down to access the most used part of the property editor. The rest of properties are normally set and forget but size and position is something you revisit constantly.

Move this to the top of the properties of the element.



@emmanuel what do you think about this QoL enhancement?

Not really important, you can adjust element size and position with your mouse, that section is at the bottom because of this. :grinning:

Some designers and coders do prefer using keyboards. Call us “old school” guys.

It seems Figma and Webflow think the same.




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This would actually be a small yet effective change. What I tend to do (on a windows keyboard) is click anywhere on the property editor (usually around the top) and then hit the button ‘end’ on the keyboard which then scrolls to the very bottom.