QR & Bar Code Reader - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Thank you @levon , I understand that. What I’m telling you you is that I get error message “The plugin QR & Bar Code Reader / action Stop live Detector a barcode_reader_2 threw the following error: Cannot read property ‘type’ of undefined” when I move away from auto.

When I select code type as qr (not type auto), the scanner will not stop and I always get the error - whereas when I select auto, I can stop the scanner. Is that clear?


please send me the link to the correct documentation

yes, we’ll check it out

ok so to get the fuction i want which one do i need to use. I want to be able to scan a barcode live and then get a result as to weather the barcode is in the db or not. So which one do i use? That is what i want to know

You need to use qrcodereader2. The barcodes don’t automatically get saved into the database, you’ll need to run a workflow that uses plugin’s state (result) and save it to the DB. Again, use the demo page as an example of plugin configuration.

We have just pushed an update with some fixes, please upgrade, refresh the page and give it another try, thanks!


Thank @levon.

I still seem to get an error when initializing from chrome on mobile, but not on safari.

I look forward to this plugins continual evolution.


I couldn’t get qr-code reader working on iphone. I tried the demo too. Can it be fixed?

there are 2 reader elements and 2 demos. The newest library that we implemented is supposed to work on iphones as well.
please check this documentation

Hello @Levon,

I think there maybe an issue with permissions. The original QR reader does not open on Android devices via the app. In our native app the camera function requests permission, but the scanner still does not load.

I tested on another plugin that uses just the camera, and that seems to work fine.


@levon, is this designed to be used with a browser? or just native apps? It works very well for me when using safari but not chrome on mobile devices, fine on desktop. Thanks,

Hi Philip, it’s supposed to work on all browsers (native apps are basically wrappers that use browsers too)

we update the plugin, please upgrade and give it another try, please check the description of the update.
Also, when you are scanning a qr code, don’t use “automatic” detection in the plugin.

Appreciate the assistance. I updated the plugin and changed camera settings set to “QR Code”. The screen turns black:

Works fine for Auto but of course does not pick up QR Codes

can you give us access to your app at plugins@zeroqode.com ?

Thank you @levon - added the email.

Note once you signed up, just go to Camera symbol to test. Note happy to pay for any additional services. Please PM at omar@wegetdesign.com

Omar, we just tested your app and it seems to be working for us. Can you record a video and provide us more context? Which browser you are using, which model etc. Anything that could help

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Hello @Levon, thank you for taking a look.

Device IPhone 8S, IOS Version 12.1.4 using safari browser. The camera function is set to QR Code.

See video of issue:

If you go to the menu and load test, it is set to auto and works. See:

Thank you @Artin for the suggestion. I updated the IOS to 12.2 but the QR Scanner was still not working.

So as it appeared working for everyone else :slight_smile: I decided to debug some more, and I seemed to isolate the issue. I.e I unchecked “Show location” and the camera function worked.

@levon you may want to test with show location checked.

Note our use case seems solved by doing this. Thank you everyone for your help.


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Thanks a lot Omar for narrowing it down. We’ll try to check that issue and fix it if it’s a bug. thanks again!