Any possibilities for a plugin free barcode reader or Easy QR Code Scanner

Bubble team should addon more basic plugin’s for various business needs… creating an app and having no adequate tool for a noncoder … is a dead house.

Those are tools typically used for mobile apps. Bubble is primarily a web app builder. There are plugins available to solve these needs, I’m not sure what you’re actually asking for here.

One of those would be great. I am more than happy to pay to use one. I honestly think some of the plugins are too cheap in price. But the current QR code “scanner” really doesn’t work. It generates the codes very well, but the scanning function leaves much to be desired. I’m guessing though it’d be difficult to create one because you don’t have control over the camera like you would with a native app. I’m guessing though. I don’t really know.

Documental’s next update has these coming too, does calendar, phone, email, sms, pdf, website, wifi and a few other QR codes - control over the style from front to back. renders them in your app and after making them into a png it stores them in your app for you.


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Does it scan them rapidly into, and by tapping, a specified field using the device’s native camera? That function is greatly needed. :slight_smile:

It could, although there is a lot more than just QR codes coming in V2 so I will have to find a bit of a balance at some point. The other thing to consider is multi-device scenarios coupled with the need for speed. Im taking Documental into the AI realm with and all of these seemingly outsider features all play a role.

Would it swing you need for the feature to be local if i can get the results to your app with these kinds of turn around times.

I have managed to get as low as 0.279 seconds with light doc returns in the latest testing.


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Yes that would be acceptable! Let me know when you’re ready for release or some beta testing.


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Well webapp as a Point of Sale … thats was where i needed a barcode/qr code scanner/generator …

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Hi @jarrad Any news on v2 and this feature?


is documental free? I am confused as the plugin is free to download, but when I visit the plugin page it seems like there is a need to sign up, or is that just part of the demo page?

Its not free

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