QR Code Generation

Hi all.

I am generating QR codes in my workflow following successful order payment/completion & creation of the service. The workflow takes the activation code returned from the API call & stores it in a state on a QR code image on my page. The flow then takes this image and adds it to our database.

I am using this plugin:

It was working absolutely fine but now I have deployed my app live I am running the flow and it’s failing to generate the QR code and throwing an error.

It appears to be throwing the error at this step:


and the error its throwing is:

the action the in my workflow that the error is referring to is:


and the full workflow is:

What am I doing wrong? lol, any help/guidance appreciated.



What payment are you using in your system? Stripe?

correct, using stripe plugin. the basic one. this one:


Im getting similar errors when i run the same workflow with the branded qr code generator plugin.

Branded QR Code Generator Failing/error - Plugins - Zeroqode Forum

Did you take the test and live environment into account? And updated the IDs of the products etc accordingly.

Maybe before sending things to QR code, make sure the payment system works in the live. It may not be about QR.

Hi, thanks for your help with this, you have helped me narrow the issue down to the cause.

It is indeed the stripe payment process. I just removed it to test the entire workflow as it is but without the “charge current user” and it worked successfully without a single error/issue.

Here are my stripe plugin/payment settings for the charge user action:

When running the flow, the stripe plugin does seem to work and opens a stripe payment page to collect the card details, im able to use the test 4242 card number and it works m(using in dev mode), but then the qr code fails.

when i remove the charge action the qr code and all other actions work fine. I have no idea whats causing this.


In terms of updating the product ids, there are no stored product ids, its just set to take the payment based on the amount stored in the action settings.

Ive slimmed it right down to a test workflow that literally has 2 actions, charge the user then generate qr code 9then the subsequent workflow for qr code generated) and im getting the same error:

The plugin Custom QR code Generator / action Generate QR a Branded QR threw the following error: TypeError: t[_0x55402d(…)].init is not a function
at eval (PLUGIN_1593424363527x208447447620911100/Custom-QR-code-Generator-element_action–Branded-QR-Generate-QR-.js:3:2290)
at https://nicklockley.bubbleapps.io/package/run_debug_js/e63df895b93971846178663096fc8ec33ff135ad9f3155a1beec9169e7d0cbb7/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:481:675 (please report this to the plugin author)

I am doing all of this in development mode and test/preview/debug mode. The stripe account is set to test mode also.

update: It appears to be related to the latest version of the stripe plugin. when i change it back to the legacy version by selecting from the plugin menu dropdown it works on the legacy version.