QR Code Scanner possible?


before I sign up for a plan, I need to figure out if bubble.io is the right thing for me.

So I read about QR Scanner functions, and all the plugin authors write that in IOS you need to use safari.

The function I want to make is like, one person opens his QR Code in the app, another can scan it with their phone and see the “profile” of that person. But it should be all inside the app.

Is this possible to achieve? Or is this something even with a native app would not be possible?

Thank you

With Bubble it is possible to integrate the qr code system.
Currently it is not necessary to install a mobile application to be able to scan a qr code, the phone’s camera does the job.
But if I understand correctly, you want the scanning to be done from your app, it’s easy to do and collect some data like device, browser, location, …
You don’t have to use a Native app, you can opt for PWA. But it all depends on your needs in native features

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