Qr code scanner with any type of scanner

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hi guys I’m working on a functionality based on qr codes
the thing what i want is the user can able to scan the qr with any type of scanner like google lens or mobile camera
is that possible

Yes for the most part. With modern mobile devices the camera has the ability to detect the QR code and if user clicks on the link that popups up, they will be navigated to it.

should we use any plug in for that

No, it would be the users camera. Have you had personal experience using QR codes and scanning them with your mobile device? Usually for me, I open my camera and the mobile device does the rest.

so we can need to use an element like qr scanner on the page where we want

am i correct

what exactly is it you want to be able to do with the qr code in the app?

In another platform i developed in. I had Qr codes set with just a number value.
when scanned through the app this value say 123456 was entered into the focus field. Then data related to that value pulled from my data base.
Now i cant tell you how its done but I’m confident if could be with Bubble.
is that the kind of functionality your after?

yes its related to it
my functionality is working fine but what i want is qr code can also scan with any type of camera

there is a plug in available to use a html5 qr scanner, in theory this would give you access to the device camera via your app / Browser
i have not used it but could be a good place to start.

what is that plugin

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