Barcode Reader / Scanner

Can we have a plugin for installing a barcode reader / scanner on our apps? I would like to read barcodes with the camera on my mobile device.


J Bruno


There’s a QR code scanner currently, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for. You might be able to build the plugin yourself (if you have JavaScript chops) or pay someone to build the plugin. What are you looking to accomplish with it?

I want to scan barcodes in a store and save the information to a database, so that other users with the app can scan the same item in different stores, comparing prices, etc.

Just came back to check up, still no barcode scanner plugin? Anyone ?

We successfully used a barcode reader with bubble. It supported HID so it worked like a keyboard input. And the drivers allowed us to follow the scan with either a Tab or a Return

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@AliFarahat Would you like to share your solution? How did you solve this issue?

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I did nothing really. I just plugged in the scanner and used it.

See the way I understand it is some barcode scanner support HID drivers

These drivers act as a human interface device. So the computer recognizes the input as it would a keyboard

I suggest you lookup HID Barcode scanners and try to get your hand on one as a demo. Take you laptop along and try it.

The scanner will be plug and play. When you install the drivers then you get some added functionality

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Agreed a good QR/Barcode reader is needed. The current plug in does do a great job creating QR codes, reading not so much. In fact I cant get it to work.

ALIFarahat I like that idea, but I think most folks would like to use their mobile phone (i know i would) to simply scan a QR/Barcode fill in a field on a form and save the data to a database.

I was looking to create an inventory workflow, scan, check out, check in etc. that sort of thing.

Not sure what the problem is then? You can read QR code’s with almost every phone out of the box nowadays and there are plenty of apps that do the same.

Mine just store an ID parameter added to a URL. When the page is loaded from that url, a group is displayed with the data retrieved from the ID in the parameter. Works great.

The only downside of using QR codes is that reading is not very quick.

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Maybe I’m missing something?
Simple inventory app. inputs = scan 1 keyboard (barcode or qr) then enter the number 10 and save (to database).

Data IN:

Proper UX? I should not have to “jump” out of my app (bubble) to find a scanner, it should be part of the app. If i do have to use a scanner outside the app, where does it save/input the scanned data?

Data OUT:
Scan the Keyboard Box, finds the data in my database, fills out a field in my bubble app. Quantity 1, Goes to: Bob. Decrements my inventory by Quantity and records that Bob received a keyboard.

If you can do this with the current API, would be great if someone could show me how?

Guys the problem is not in bubble. You have to have a native app to connect to the mobile device camera API. Since bubble is a web app it’s like using a website this no direct connection to the device camera


Agreed, that’s why it would be great to have a qr/barcode reader plugin.


Any solutions now?


I would really like this done in the very near future, I really need it!

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Me 3…

Is it possible we all put in some cash to have one made


I am in for paid development of this


Does anyone Who
Is capable want to forward a proposal and cost?

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Gents i found a script that will work on android. Not iOS

the camera will load in the browser. Check it out here

also QR code is not supported natively

@AliFarahat, yeah QuaggaJS is one of the best barcode scanners out there.
I already have a working bubble plugin based on it. Never got to clean the code.
I was hopping to integrate it with Instascan so you can do both barcode and qrcodes.
Looks like people are interested in the barcode so i might just release my barcode scanner plugin.