QritiQ.me: A design collaboration and feedback platform

Hi everyone!

I’m really proud to launch QritiQ.me: a new platform that will help you share your work and get better feedback.

As a designer, I always struggled to get good feedback online (on Dribbble, Facebook, etc.) and get clear and constructive feedback from colleagues at work/school. QritiQ is trying to solve this:

  • Upload your work to the Community, and let all members of QritiQ comment
  • Create private Teams and invite colleagues/friends/clients to share work and give feedback
  • Feedback MUST consist out of something positive and negative
  • Upload and/or comment anonymously, so you can speak freely when needed

This project is my first ever Bubble app (100% created in Bubble!). It’s also my graduation project for school. So, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could check it out and give feedback! (here or on QritiQ :slight_smile: )

Questions are welcome as well, I would be happy to answer them.




Hey Robert! Excited to check this out for sure. Great looking site. Nice to see another Designer discover Bubble to build out their ideas. Love the concept. Just launched my first app (in Beta) too. Welcome the feedback. https://www.gettreefort.com

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Thanks Dennis! I checked out Treefort as well, really good looking stuff! (great name as well) Love the attention to detail there.

Yeah, it’s really cool to be finally able to create and test out all the ideas you have as a designer with Bubble. Really love using it so far.

Just saw your email as well. Let’s keep in touch man! :slight_smile:

Wow, guys both your sites are really beautiful!
@DennisF did you build gettreefort solely with Bubble?
Amazing job guys!
Would love to hear about how you created the designs, both of them look super professional.

Thanks! Glad you like! I was sitting on the domain for some time now. Excited to finally put it to use. Can’t agree more with you. It’s great to quickly be able to “fire-up” these apps. Will respond to your email here soon as well!

Nice to meet you!

Thank you for the kind words! The app is entirely built on Bubble. The Marketing Site (homepage) is not though. As far as the design. I did the initial rough designs in Sketch (Just easier to design and work through look and feel in an app I’m used to using). I then recreated and “tweaked” things out inside Bubble. It’s nice to be able to bounce back and forth and to have the blend of design, front-end and “back-end” code all in one app is really powerful. Hope that helps? Happy to answer any other questions.

Thanks @elon.eliya!

My workflow is pretty similar to @DennisF’s: I used Sketch to design a basic ‘style guide’ first. I then recreated this style guide in Bubble (styling of text, buttons, colors, etc.) so the design would be consistent throughout the website. The design of the layout of all pages was done in Bubble itself, after making some quick sketches on paper (old-school stylez) or in Sketch. :slight_smile:

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Hey @robbertmastebroek and @DennisF
Would you like to contribute your feedback to this page (scroll to the bottom) https://zeroqode.com/designers
it would help other designers start using Bubble.
I would list your name, profile picture and a link to your project
We are preparing Zeroqode for a big launch on Product Hunt this wednesday so would like to get it done by then.
Please let ms know
Thanks in advance


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