Brewshout - New App built on bubble

Hi bubblers,

So we have just finished our app just moments ago and I couldn’t wait to share with the community. We will really appreciate your feedback and testing.

The concept is very simple, Brewshout allows for a real life, ‘one-on-one meetings’ with great people, and grow your ‘real-life’ professional network.

One can create an account and then a ‘brew slot’, other users can search for your ‘brew slot’ and shout you a brew. You meet in real life.

This concept has been brewing for a while, until I met a friend and we decided to test it out. We gave ourselves fifteen days to build the MVP and it all worked out well.

Bubble is great and the speed of development is crazy fast ( and I am a full stack javascript developer usually developing in meteor.js/react with some experience in rails). Although I must admit that it is very natural way of developing software, I am still learning (things like responsiveness), the forum was very useful.

So thanks to all for creating such an awesome community of passionate people.

Looking for your feedback (both constructive and critical).

Update: We have since move the software to a RoR traditionally coded application. But this is because of a business requirements. Bubble is still a great platform and we fully endorse it.


hey @zeb1.
Great job with this. Lots of good things in here, including:

  • overall premise that growing network through in-person meetings is a good thing.
  • design is clean (thumbs up on your Google maps grading), colours coordinate and mobile responsiveness seems to work (apart from ‘Meet business leaders’, ‘Find Co-founders’ etc. that wrapped to a new line for me)
  • like the idea of meets being displayed in a grid, not a list, and liked the yellow ribbon flying along the top of each. Consider some more flourishes perhaps - some simple artwork/illustration in places would work.

Things that didn’t work for me:

  • I had to input quite a bit of info before I got to see the ‘prize’ - i.e. the potential meets that waited for me. Might be work a) looking at that flow and seeing how you could simplify / incentivise it further for new joiners, and b) creating more ‘dummy’ meets for when people do land to give sense of a thriving community c) once shouts are created consider drafting (and posting on click) a LinkedIn post to advertise shout.
  • A couple of unexpected behaviours including my company appearing underneath your name when I viewed your shout, was unable to click on the top row of ‘shouts’ on home screen and could only enter via user profile grid below.
  • Would be interesting to check how well the words ‘brew’ and ‘shout’ travel outside of NZ… I’m in the UK and it just lands, but wonder how others feel it sits where they are?

Thanks for sharing and really nice job!

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Looks great! we’ll add it to

since you are a developer, would you be interested to give us a feedback on using no-code technology that we could use here Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for and more
we’d put a URL to you project which will be good for SEO :slight_smile:

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

let’s stay in touch on twitter!


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Thanks Levon. Really appreciate this. I’ll have a look at the developer page on zero code.I think bubble is a more natural way of programming because we as humans can interact better with visual objects.

The underlying principles of programming are still the same, whether you hand code or use a visual builder like bubble, it just would be a lot easier to learn and do stuff the bubble way.

I think if one needs to, one can always graduate from bubble to traditional platforms/frameworks like Meteor.js, which is again a very fast platform to build apps very quickly (although not as quick as bubble, which has a shorter learning curve). Under the hood, both are powered by node.js so very parallel in terms of tech.

But in the future, if we have to democratise programming, my bet would be on something like bubble.

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This is exactly what we could use as a quote :slight_smile:
(maybe just a bit more refined)
let me know once you take a look please.

Thanks Ed. Very valuable feedback :+1:, I immediately went back fix the issues that you highlighted. Have changed the sign up flow to route users immediately to the homepage from the profile setup. Added a pop up to remind people to add a brew slot.

Your post to Linkedin wall suggestion is very good, will implement that by tomorrow.

Send me a Brewshout if you are ever in New Zealand.

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Brewshout worked for me in Texas! :slight_smile: Cheers!

I see what you did there… haha

Cool concept! Great work! Just improve your responsive design (it’s still solid right now) & you’ll be good to go! PM if you need help with that btw. I can share a few tips.


Thanks Mate :grinning:. I’ll PM you with few glitches that I need to fix. Talk soon.

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