Query and send email

Still confused how to proceed with bubble to get some results.
From the url i have a parameter t=12
in my db t=12 have as field w=john
in db (another table) w=john have as email: [email protected]

the question is how i can send the email to john starting from t=12?
Regards and thanks

send email to current page t’john’s’email

Hi, Jhon’s email is in another db table… howi can grab it?


Data type #1 is “T” and data type #2 is “W” like this:

title (text)
W (W)

title (text)
email (text)

Then … in a text element within a group of content type being “T” then the expression would be “parent group’s T’W’s email”

The same would apply in a flow where the main data type is “W”

Hope this helps :+1:t2: