What Better Way Can I Retrieve Saved Data And Send It In An Email

I am trying to figure out if there is a better way of doing this. I have customer’s information stored in a database and I want to retrieve it and add it to a send email workflow. I already know how to retrieve the data and how to send email. What I want to know is, do I have to perform a “Do a search for” for each field I want to display in the email workflow or is there a better and more easier way?

Example of what I know how to do right now
First Name: Search for CustomerInfos’s First Name
Last Name: Search for CustomerInfos’s Last Name
Street Address: Search for CustomerInfos’s Street Address
City: Search for CustomerInfos’s City
State: Search for CustomerInfos’s State
Zip Code: Search for CustomerInfos’s Zip Code

I would like something like this:
First Name: CustomerInfos’s First Name
Last Name: CustomerInfos’s Last Name
Street Address: CustomerInfos’s Street Address
City: CustomerInfos’s City
State: CustomerInfos’s State
Zip Code: CustomerInfos’s Zip Code

Your help would be appreciated.



Too many searches.

Set a group or page to be of content type “customer info”

Use a trigger to send the email … as an example a button. Make sure the button is inside the group that has the type of content set to the object you want … in this case “customerinfo”. And make sure the group has one customer info in it. Perhaps, doing your search for customer info first item.

Upon clicking the button use the action send an email and set each needed info as parent group’s customerinfo email … parent group’s customerinfo name … parentgroup customerinfo “your chosen field”

The above is meant for illustrative purposes. Hopefully it makes sense.

Hope it helps :+1:t2:

cmarchan, This helps a lot. So I am just passing these as parameters from the send email api call to the Backend Workflow.

I am assuming it’s not possible to pass the entire record to the Backend Workflow at one time and then choose what I want?

Thank you again

You will be passing the unique Iid of a record. This unique id is a super long number.

The record can have tons of metadata … or not. It is up to you how you built the dB and that object’s structure.

I am sorry I may be a bit confused. Attached are screenshots of what I thought you meant. Are these correct? If not, will you please elaborate a little more.

I do not see anything wrong

Perfect! Thank you again for your help. :+1:t5: