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Querystring parameters are lost on Facebook login redirect

I need to save querystring parameters to a user account after they log in via Facebook. It looks like the parameters are dropped when Facebook redirects the user back to my app.

Is there a setting on the Facebook app side that causes it to do this, or is it a Bubble limitation / bug?

If I can’t fix it, what’s a good way to save the querystring data temporarily (against the session if possible) and ‘move’ it to the user account once they are logged in?

That’s indeed a limitation of Bubble currently. However, if you do this in the same workflow, you should be able to do it. Actions following the ‘Login with Facebook’ action will be run.

I’m not sure I understand what you are suggesting. I want to save those parameters to the user account after it’s been created. Would the parameters be available after the login with Facebook action? It doesn’t seem like it when I test. So how could I save them to the session temporarily and copy them to the user account once it’s created.

I suppose what @emmanuel said is that an action “chained” within the same workflow with “login with facebook” can access those data.

From previous tests I can’t see those parameters in the actual URL when the user is redirected back from Facebook, but will give that a try anyway to see if it works.

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Yes, same workflow indeed.

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Hi @emmanuel,

I have set up this work flow in order to send a parameter to a page right after a user logs in but it works only in step-by-step debug mode. If you run the workflow in live mode or in normal/slow debug, the URL parameter gets lost. Am I doing something wrong ?

I want to correct my previous statements after making more tests and also deploying to live. If you run in slow debug mode it does work. Still not working in normal debug mode and in live.

Yes we do not support carrying querystring parameters over currently with OAuth.

Hi @emmanuel,

if Bubble does not support it, then why that chained workflow works in debug mode SLOW or STEP-BY-STEP ? If it is not supported it should not work at all. Am I wrong ? Can you please double check this particular situation ? thanks