Passing URL Parameters at Login

I’m in the process of developing an invite workflow whereby a user can invite one or more other users to collaborate in their private workspace inside the application. On the signup/login screens I store a UID as a URL parameter, which I use to look up a custom field that specifies more information about the invite that is to be used after login/signup (it determines their role, access level, etc).

On signup/login I have two steps to:

  1. Log the user in (or sign up if that’s the screen they’re on).
  2. Redirect the user to a specific page with the original URL parameter passed through.

When I do this, the URL parameter seems to be getting dropped somewhere. If I set a breakpoint and manually walk through the steps, the URL parameter is passed through just fine, though. Any ideas why that would be? The end result should be identical between debug mode with a breakpoint and normal, right?

Is it possible you have a ‘On Page Load’ action in your workflows that doesn’t have the ‘send current page parameters’ checked? (I ran into this yesterday and that was what I discovered).

I don’t think that’s it…when I set a breakpoint on my login button and step through the workflow, the URL parameter is passed just fine. When I exit debug mode and do the same thing, the parameter disappears. Any other ideas?

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