Question about data security

If I add a field with multiple entries and call this field “Privacy,” and according to what the field contains, the limits of each user’s access to the data are… Does this affect the security of the data in the application?

If you set privacy rules to that effect then of course. In Bubble, privacy rules limit data access. If a privacy rule is configured so that a user can have access to a Thing, you should assume that user can find that Thing manually even if you don’t show it in your application.

It’s not really clear what this is. Is privacy really a field? Do you mean a data type?

What I mean is that I have a field with multiple entries in the user and I have a drop-down list which is: Create… Update… Delete… When this field contains Create, the user can create reports and cannot delete or modify them… I can also enable him to delete and modify, but They all fall into one multi-entry field, and the field type is text

Sure, just add conditionals that check the user’s permissions before running a delete/modify action.

You should read @petter book. The ultimate guide to Security.

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