Users can mutually modify and delete the data of other users


I have a problem with my app…

Users can mutually modify and delete the data of other users.

Could you direct me? so that each user will only have the right to process their own data…

Bubble has surely provided a solution to this problem.

It’s as if my database is unique for everyone…

Thank you in advance dear Bubblers…

Hi there, @souadbelakhdarrb… if users can modify and delete the data of other users, it is only because you have given them the ability to do so. Make no mistake that Bubble has the tools you need to secure your data, and one of those tools (i.e., the main one) is privacy rules. If you are not familiar with privacy rules, stop what you are doing and learn everything you can about them. Then, make sure you have the proper rules in place on your data types, and that should address your issue.

If what I have written doesn’t apply to your situation, that’s because it isn’t clear what the situation actually is. So, share screenshots of the issue you are trying to resolve, and I am sure someone will be able to help.


Thank you dear Bubbler for your assistance😂…

It is simply an application that manages the Women’s Menstrual Cycle.

Normally … Each user will only be able to see the list of their own Cycles… or delete them or add others. Also have its own customization of background colors…etc…here is a small description of the problem.

Did you learn about privacy rules yet? :wink:

Try putting a privacy rule in place on your Cycle data type that says when This Cycle's Creator is Current User, and check the boxes to find items in searches and view all fields.

Here you will learn how to work with data:

There are multiple places where the discuss privacy rules, and there’s also more interesting information here.

The answer you are looking for: You need to setup privacy according to what you need.

Hello Mike…

You mean it had to be done like that? To customize the language…as an example.

Sure, something like that (although, the auto-binding setting might not be necessary), but to @jonah.deleseleuc’s point, only you can know the appropriate setup based upon the needs of your app.

What is the purpose of locking the “Allow auto-binding”?

If you’re not using auto-binding, then you don’t need to check that box. If you don’t know what auto-binding is, search and learn.

In other words, what me and @mikeloc are saying is to read the documentation

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thank you so much…

Another question for you 2… dear big Bubblers…

How to make access to my app with mandatory entry of an account … that is to say with a “Login” …?

Or would it be better to create another topic for this?

It would not be better to create another topic. What you should do is what has already been suggested to you a number of times. Take a step back and use the resources that are available to you to learn the basics of Bubble. The questions you are asking make it clear that you don’t have even the most basic understanding of how Bubble works, and while asking one-off questions in the forum might help you overcome an immediate issue, you are never going to get up the steep Bubble learning curve that way.

Maybe start here.

Thanks anyway