Question about 'Env' Environment Variables - Triggering a Workflow based on 'Env'

Hi @gaurav, I’m using your Env plugin to pass data between multiple reusable elements which works great.

Additionally, I’m triggering a workflow when one of the ‘Env’ variables is “yes” but there seems to be a long delay the first time it’s triggered (e.g., a minute or so) but then seems to trigger it instantly on successive attempts (so long as I’ve waited for it to work the 1st time).

Might I be doing something wrong? Any direct solutions or workarounds for this?



I’ve used a workaround to add the ‘env’ variable to an input form and then trigger logic from that.

It turns out, the workflow in the reusable elements is slow (even when triggered from an input) so the root cause of the problem looks to be unrelated to the ‘env’ variable.