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Question about iteration / looping

I’m considering using Bubble to make a reporting app. In this app, we will have a list of “accounts”. Each account has a $ value and that value comes from a third-party API endpoint. Each account will have to get it’s updated value from a unique URL (i.e… There are a couple thousand accounts and they will need to be updated every few days. My question is, is there a way to iterate or loop through these accounts and all the API calls necessary to update them? From the looks of it, there’s no way to truly loop through records in Bubble, but maybe I’m wrong? Is there another way to do this?

Check out this topic …

It’d be worth testing before relying on it, you may find that many updates take too long for the appropriate business window.

If the changes are sparse (i.e. most of them don’t change), you might find it better to push the changes to a Bubble endpoint, if thirdpartyapp offers webhooks.