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Thanks a lot for those wonderful explanations @gerbertdelangen !
It helps me a lot !
For now, I would like to create a back-end WF with this xml data source that run on a daily basis and I don’t know how to do that…
Is it possible to use recursive loops instead of “schedule API workflow on a list” or is it impossible due to the data source ?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help !

In Bubble loops are made via Check if it fits your demand.

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I already tested the recursive workflows for simpler uses but my question was specifically concerning using it with the process described in this post .
Moreover, if this method is ok with a huge amount of data, I’m just looking for the back end WF I can use to run this on a daily base

Hi marketing9,

Yeah, that should be possible, but it depends on the “huge amount of data” and whether there is an option to paginate / split the huge data into manageble amounts of data.

The structure will be like this:

  1. Workflow 1 with 3 actions:
  • Retrieve RSS data

  • Schedule the workflow 2 (to create the items) on a list

  • Schedule itself to run again after 24 hours

  1. Workflow 2 with 1 action
  • Create item

I would try this first and if the amount of data is too big, let’s see what can be done.

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I arrived to the same conclusion and it works !
Let’s see what will happen with a huge amount of data in the future…
However, I also included some recursive loops in my workflow 2 to modify some datas and it does’nt work.
I guess I made a mistake somewhere but I don’t find where…
To explain more in details, I receive a feed with all the data I have to show on my platform. So, I have to modify the already exisiting entries and to unpublish the entries that are not in the flow anymore.
Here are some pics to be clearer :

Can you see something wrong ?

It all looks good to be honest, the only thing that is hard to see for me is whether the conditions are correct. It should be possible to whether an action was not performed because of a condition, did you have a look at that?

I finally simpified a little bit my workflows and it works !
The problem was linked to the fact I have to modify my “annonces” in my second workflow and not in a third one.

But now I’m facing a new problem… Today my flow contains only one offer and it seems that the API doesn’t recognize anymore the big entity “offer” but only each component of the offer. So the flow is broken and no more available. Have you an idea to correct this bug ?
You can see below a copy of the xml flow and of de API call

Ah, perfect marketing9.

No idea why this happens, but I would check a couple of things first:

  1. Do you also get only one result when you manually run the workflow, using the API connector, with the same parameters as the workflow does?
  2. When you change the parameters do you still get the same results?

You mean when I click on “Manually enter API response” ?
In this case, I can see exactly what I have in the xml flow :

And when you change the parameters (for instance select a different period (if possible) and press Initialize call (see image below)? I would expect there to be multiple offers right (or does this feed have no parameters and just shows a current open offers)?


In fact, when there are several offers in the xml flow I receive, no soucy.
When I initialize the call, I can see a big entity offer and several entities contained in this big one.
But when the xml flow contains only one offer, the workflow doesn’t work and if I come back to the call initialization, this big entity offer is no more visible (like in the screenshot above).

I receive this xml flow for an external partner so it’s hard to modify it

Frustrating, a couple of things:

  1. Anything on the website you are retrieving this data from what/why they changed the format maybe?
  2. In your screenshot are curly brackets, XML is normally formatted like this:


It is a far fetch, but did you by any chance, change the Data type setting for the call from XML to JSON (and maybe Bubble is doing some background stuff to convert XML to JSON but it is not working)?

  1. If the above suggestions do not work, maybe it is an option to, using find and replace, modify the response to a valid JSON or XML and then process it. If you sent me the full response, I’ll have a look at it (will be tomorrow or day after). You might have to save the full response first before you can extract / modify data and will to activate the setting “Include errors in response and allow worklflow actions to continue” to be able to do this.


Allright, let me know how goes, we will slay this dragon together (its my D&D evening tonight) :grinning: .

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