Question about Types and Fields

So quick question. Is there any impact on performance if you have too many types of things, or if you have too many fields under any one type? In other words is it useful to not go over a certain number of types or fields in one database? Or will performance remain the same regardless of how many of each there are?

As my app grows I want to ensure I am not impacting the database in a negative fashion.

Any takers?

I haven’t experienced any negative effects or heard of this needing to be a concern, but perhaps @emmanuel can confirm.


Not found this either, and we have one Data type with over 40 fields, and that has tens of thousands of rows too.

The main slow down I have found is when getting the database to do a list of unique values on fields in this type - which is probably more about the number of rows than fields. But that is really the only time, and perfectly understandable !


Lots of fields on one type does slow things down, because the bigger an individual thing is, the longer it takes to send it around. We have a limit of 1000 fields per type, and this is a fairly hard limit because of how the underlying database works.

On the other hand, having lots of custom types shouldn’t impact performance. We currently also have a limit of 1000 custom types per app, but that limit is less hard – we can relax it on an app by app basis if necessary.


Good to know!