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Questions about Database apps

Hello everyone,

I am reviewing Bubble as a tool to create database web apps; I was wondering if you could answer my questions below:

  1. What is the back-end database that Bubble uses by default?
  2. Can we create database Web apps that could save data to popular cloud spreadsheets like Google Sheets or Office 365?
  3. Pricing options seem to be only dependent to number of applications; is there any limit to the database size?
  1. we use ElasticSearch for database. This could change soon as we’re looking at options as we scale though.
  2. Some users have done this using Zapier or Blockspring. It’s a bit slow though, as you talk to a different service, so the more you can do directly in bubble the better
  3. Pricing varies based workflow runs, which are usually a good proxy for the database size. So no limit, but linear pricing.