Questions about table design and repeating group


I’m developing a simple app for teachers in my school to help them process student’s Dh’s (infraction event) from the moment of assigning the infraction, communicating it, and then visualizing the data. This is what I did so far:

  1. I have created a table (Students) with two fields: student’s names and advisors (every teacher is also an advisor of 10 students).

  2. I have created a table (Infractions) with one field: infractions

  3. I created a group with 4 input forms. This is my page 2.


Every teacher will use that group to submit a new entry into a third table (DH’s):


Now, and this is what I haven’t found a way to do, I want every user to be able to visualize (I’m using a repeating group for this on page 3): DH’s of students (only students which user is also an advisor).

I don’t know if I have a design problem with my tables or if the problem is the way I’m designing the repeating group on page 3.

Thank you for your help,


That was a beautiful conundrum. I loved solving it. Thank you.

There may well be easier ways to go about it with a different database structure, but if you want to avoid duplication and stay with the database setup you have then this is how to get what you want.

  1. Make your RG of type DHs
  2. For data source Do a Search for DHs … now comes the nice bit :slight_smile:
  3. Set a condition Student is in Do a Search for Students
  4. Set a condition on that search for Advisor = Current User

Let me know how you get on. I built a little test version if you need access just ask.

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This is where I get lost.

If I created a condition (When) what should I do in (select a property to change when true)?

Here you can see my application:

Would you be able to show me your test version, please?

Thank you!

I think I did it!

Great - it was a CONSTRAINT not a CONDITIONAL

I think I have another conundrum!

When the teachers submit the form on page 2


I want to send an automatic email to the student’s advisor. I assume that I have to create an event on the workflow. In the email body, I want to send the information that was sent to the new table (DH). Still the same problem, the advisor’s email is on table “Students” not on table DH’s.

Thank you for your help.

Apologies for the delay @aapp1971, I’m in bed ill. The laptop has been taken from me so I’m on phone and working this in my head. You may need to tweak as I can’t test right now. But, you have to do as I showed you in the first answer, reference one table from a field in another. So when you set up your Send an email Action in the Workflow for the Submit button, Send email to

  1. Set up a Workflow on your submit button
  2. Add a Send an Email action action
  3. In the ‘To’ field type Do a Search for Users: first item’s email - this is telling the app you get the email of an Advisor (User), now on to which user.
  4. Add a constraint to that search Student = Do a Search for Student’s Student which is telling the app to only find the Advisor who is responsible for that student, now on to tell it which student we are talking about.
  5. Add a constraint to that second search Student = Searchbox Student’s value’s Student which is identifying the actual student as the one just entered as committing the infraction. I’m assuming you used a Search box to select a student if you used an input then refer to that - I don’t see how or where you are selecting students in the form you posted.

That assumes that an infraction relates to one student only. However, in real life, I assume it can involve a group and then you are on a whole other level of difficulty. If that is the case I suggest you post a new Post on the forum to attract more responses because I can’t do that in my head.

BTW - there comes a time for most, if not all bubble users, that we need to take a step back from the excitement of diving into our apps and start learning properly. Now that you have built something, you have a good foundation that the learnings will stick. I don’t recommend bubbles own resources because I have not found them useful for anything other than reference when I already have a grasp of something but there are lots of great private learning resources available - just search the forum for mentions. Personally, I’ve found Coaching Bubble’s YouTube channel, courses and VIP knowledgebase access invaluable but I know others have found the ‘How to build an XXXX app’ courses suited them. Good luck.

Thank you so much. I got it but I didn’t need the step 4.
I’m already watching the coaching Bubble’s youtube channel. I have a hard time to figure it out the logic of the constrains. When you write the steps it makes sense, I just can’t think like that independently. Well, I’m going to watch more and more before I start developing other apps. Thanks again!