Table like RepeatingGroup?

Hi all, I’m trying to achieve this word document but in bubble form as a repeating group, the idea is for each user, they will have their own ‘table’ like of rows that are there holidays they have booked from work.

This is what I have so far and it works

My only issue, is that this will only show 1 row for all different users as opposed to the first picture which is individual for one user.

My question is, is there a way via bubble, to have a table like form in the first picture, with a search feature to pick the user I wish to add to, but can have as many rows as I like so they can have their holidays added without everyone being in one big table? Forgive me if this doesn’t make much sense as I’m trying to logically think of how it can work like it does in the word document above.


James - LCVS


I suggest your db structure:

  1. Datataype: user/employee (fields: employee detail)
  2. Datatype: leave transaction (field: user/employee, leave detail)

Create transaction form for datatype 2 (leave transaction).

Display report:

  • header : put DD employee and date range or whatever you want to filter
  • detail: put RG with data source search for leave transaction with constraint any input element you put on headeron header (DD employee, date range, etc)

Hopefully i am not miss undestand of what you need and this can help



Thanks for the response, although I wasn’t able to work it out, do you think you could show me a screenshot of how it would look so I could see if that would work? Would really appreciate it if you could as everything else seems to be working amazing on here,