What would be faster?

Good Morning from Pennsylvania!

I have a question regarding the speed of my database. I already read; https://manual.bubble.io/working-with-data/connecting-types-with-each-other
So please don’t just link it and say read, not helpful.

I have users as a main data type, with fields for example as watch list and orders.

Would it be quicker for my app overall to remove orders and watch list from the user type and have them as their own types and then just link them to the users account with the created by field when displaying the data to the user?

Also when in preview mode, does this reflect the speed of my app for when I choose a bubble plan and go live?

Thanks to everyone that responds, I appreciate you all!

For more info, right now I have the watchlist under users, as a list of products. Products are its own type.

Im also trying to set up the orders data type as efficient as possible. Im thinking its own type would be best.

I would likely this up as it’s own ‘Data Type’, as it gives you a lot flexibility down the road to manipulate and display the List. I would also set a field as ‘Associated User’ instead of using the Created By field - just a personal preference, but if you ever need to upload Data or create a List for another User you will be thankful you set it up this way.

Despite all that, if the Products List on a User always stays small, say under 50 items, it may be slightly faster loading for the end user to use a List.

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