Quick performance question: Does bubble load 'hidden' elements on a page?

Improving a certain section on our app and wondered whether hidden elements will impact performance of page load?

Does Bubble only load what has a visible condition on page load, and does not load (and thus, speeding up page load) hidden elements?


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Hi Matthew,

Yes, that’s my understanding. The markup - i.e. the HTML - associated with hidden elements is loaded, but HTTP requests to load content from the DB are not made until the element is visible. In other words, Bubble is pretty smart about bandwidth and performance in that regard.

That said, it’s still good practice to design pages to be as lightweight as possible as well as to optimize DB structure and queries. As with most programming environments, there’s nearly always more than one means to the same end, and some approaches are better than others.


Bubble has a good breakdown of what’s going on behind the scenes here: https://manual.bubble.io/optimization-and-limits-of-the-bubble-engine/performance-and-scaling.html

There’s a section specifically about what happens on page load.


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Thank you @sudsy and @romanmg - both helped me make a decision to move forward. I went with hidden elements, and tabs for the updated page.

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