Quick question regarding website vs app

Dear Bubble Experts,

I have a few questions regarding the function of a bubble.io app:

first, if a bubble.io product is an app, can it also be accessed as a website? that is, can a bubble.io program be either an app or website depending on how it is accessed (mobile through app store vs a link on a computer for example)

second, if a bubble product can be accessed in both mobile app and website form, will they both share the same database and talk to each other?

note - it is the exact same program just being accessed in different ways.

Thank you all so much

Bubble makes Web Apps (not native mobile apps).

Web Apps can be ‘Wrapped’ into a native shell, so they can be installed as mobile apps, but they are still Web Apps at heart (running on standard web technologies).

@honomichljthomas If you do ‘wrap’ your website into a native app shell, yes it will still utilize the same database, so any changes to the data made in the ‘app’ (wrapper) would be immediately available & updated on the website.