Quiz - how to implement custom answers


I’m creating a quiz like website where the questions would be like:
Who is the funniest
Who makes the best food

The answers would be radio buttons with the users who have joined the session.
If Tim hosts the game and he invites Steve and lily. I want their 3 names to be options to the questions so that each of them can decide who is the funniest then it’ll show their answers. Then who makes the best food etc…

Would this be possible to create custom answers for the “quiz” with their usernames each time someone starts a session. How do I do this?

Also how can I display the chosen answers in a bar chart.

Normally I would expect 6-8 people to be each sessions so a bar chart would display the answers clearer.

Hope this makes sense

make a repeating group with the users in session (data source Probably type answer, then display their names; answer–>user) as your options. When they click an option, show their answer. I think it’s possible if I understand correctly. I’m sure there are bar-chart plugins, I’d look at one of those for display.

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i tried my app and i cant seem to get multiple users as a radio button. How do i confirm that there are users in session?

Hard to say in the abstract. Not sure what a session is, how you’re setting it up, etc. Assuming you create a “room” with the host, invite others and they are added to that room. their answers are linked to that room and person

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Hmm that makes sense and I’ve created an invite link. Im struggling with how to make the “room” I’m not sure how i would do that.

I’ve given users an ID so when they create a session it’s the url/play/ID - does that count qs a session?

When I invite someone to join, it doesn’t show their username

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