Radar Graph Creation

I’m looking to create this style of radar graph for an assessment tool I’ve built.

I’m currently using a standard radar graph from one of the free plugins, it does the job but one more similar to this image would be optimal.

Would anyone know how to go about creating this?

This is the one I’m currently using for context:

Found something like:

and this:


and lastly:

I can build all, the 3rd is not free though (talking in terms of the library used).

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Nice one, thank you! The last one is closer to what I’m looking for - what library do you use?

Last one is syncfusion. I have a commercial license

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Cool, if I’m honest - these still aren’t really what I’m looking for - I’m basically looking for something bespoke/like for like the one I shared. Otherwise I’ll just stick with what I’ve got.

@GH5T - how did you integrate the SyncFusion stuff into Bubble?

Hosting a react-based framework to handle it

So running a separate code based app that you are embedding into Bubble? Or something else?

Yes. I am embedding it and talking to it with Bubble.

Cool, do you know of a course or tutorial on how to set things like that up? (I’m not really too technical).

sent you a dm

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