Radio Button Rocket Science

So it seems Radio Buttons are rocket Science. I have a field that states if a user is an admin or not. Should be simple yes/no.

It doesn’t matter if I make it dynamic or static or choose any of the 100 combinations of options I have chosen thus far, it just does not work.

In short, I have a data field that stores yes no. Then when the user checks yes / no and press a button it should save the field to the table. I can’t get this to work. I ave gone through the documentation I could not find any examples of radio buttons in there.

Have you tried AutoBinding? Or is that not suitable in your app? I typically use the Iconic plugin’s Toggle or Checkbox and I’ve no problem.

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Hi Patricia.

I have also used the Iconic plugin. The only problem with it is, it gives you limited options. Right now it would also suite my needs. The reason I have asked the question, is why have an option, if it does not work. And if it does work, how can I get it to work. What is the correct method. I have played for 2 days straight and have given up. But I would have to revisit it again soon.

As always Patricia, you are extremely helpful and your solution in this case will work. Thank you for the effort to answer questions.

Well, that has me thinking about something that I did not query at the time because I thought it was a personal choice rather than something significant, but now I’m wondering if it was because of the very thing you are talking about. I got stuck with something 4 or 5 weeks ago and an experienced bubbler and contractor helped me out. He used two checkbox icons instead of the bubble checkbox so if a user taps one is hidden and the other in the exact same position is shown. In effect, it toggles between a checked and an unchecked icon and the workflow that show’s/hides set’s a custom state and it is the custom state that is later saved.

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Hi Patricia. We were also thinking of using check boxes potentially for our later application. The hidden part is quite brilliant. I will probably, by then, if I don’t come right do the same. Thanks for the tip. Like always, very useful.

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Hi @patricia , I’m trying to implement your suggestion, but there must be something I’m not doing right because the field won’t get updated!

So, I have a field called “sim_nao” with “Auto-binding” option on (as you can see below):


In Privacy Data tab, I’ve configured the following role:

So, is basically open to everyone (as it’s a test environment).
In my workflow, the field is NOT configured as I assume that “auto-binding” will do the trick, BUT no matter how hard I try, the field don’t get populated… :disappointed:


What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!