Set field to equal radio button value

I’m trying to set a field called “Finished” equal to the value of a radio button.

In the “Create New” options, when I set the Finished field to equal “Radio button’s value” it is asking me for further context. (The radio button has two values: yes and no)

What does it want? And why is it not accepting “Radio button’s value” as a valid datapoint?

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It’s not accepting it because bubble does not know what the radio button values are.

Instead, add two more workflow steps

Workflow step 1) Change finished to ‘yes’ when radioButtons A’s value = yes
Workflow step 2) Change finished to ‘no’ when radioButtons A’s value = no

Hope that helps, let me know if this is still unclear


Amazing, now I have the following and it works:

  1. Field defaults to ‘no’ when it is created in workflow step 1.
  2. In workflow step 2, Field is set to ‘yes’ only when radio button is ‘yes’

This totally works, but it does feel clunky. In any normal UI you won’t have more than a handful of radio options, so this method would work. But if I had 20 radio options, I would have to do the above step 2 a total of 20 times, instead of just setting the field to the radio button value in the first place.


I have this same issue and I’ve been stuck on this problem for hours and I feel so dumb given it’s just a radio button.

I have a radio button with two choices yes or no and Im trying to “Make changes to current users” to update a column called “Renting from some else” to have a yes in it.

Im not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’d really appreciate your help! thank you!

Could it be that you say "only when CONTAINS “yes”… rather than IS “yes” ?