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Radio buttons - dynamic, type of choice: image doesn't work?

I’m trying to allow users to choose between some options using a radio button. I would like to show images to represent the choices.

I am able to specify a table with images in it and select the field that contains the image with no problem. But, the site displays a URL instead of the image itself. Am I doing something wrong, here?

I believe the source of your radio button options can be a number of data types (including image), but the caption itself should be text to describe the option… not an image caption.

What you could do is custom build this type of interface yourself using a repeating group and custom states to select. That way you can have an image element in the cell.

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This is helpful. Sounds like a good place to start. By chance do you (or anyone else) have some sample code?

Yep, check this out:


When the “button” (icon) is clicked, I change the state value. Custom state is used to change the icon (to appear selected). You can then use the state value in workflows.

Thanks for the help… i’m still not quite understanding, though. do you by chance have 15 minutes to chat via skype/hangout some time today?

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